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Address:L17 (81) warehouse in SHENZHEN, New Territories, hydrological Kam Kam Road section
Contact person:Mr.Li
Mobile phone:+0755 2569 2900
Q Q:274087488 / 2502198816
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SHENZHEN XXX RENEWABLE SOURCES(INTL) LIMITED. Is a Hong Kong waste recycling company registered in the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Agency and ISO14001 certification complete. On the basis of strong strength, rapid development of good business reputation has won the trust of many customers in Hongkong, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other Pearl River Delta region. Specializing in Hong Kong and the mainland back material recycling and destruction, including domestic bonded factories and enterprises, three processing factory, foreign-funded enterprises, scrap material, defective products, defective products etc.. In cooperation with many famous enterprises, such as Flextronics, Foxconn, HP, and easy Lisheng multek etc.. In order to give customers better service quality, we are in progress and continuous improvement, in order to do the best.
SHENZHEN XXX RENEWABLE SOURCES(INTL) LIMITED. Hongkong billion billion recycling has 50000 square feet of warehouse area, the mainland warehouse area of 20000 square meters. In Hongkong and the mainland have a classification of dismantling and environmental protection of all kinds of waste materials dedicated sites, with professional operators and equipment. We have rich experience in environmental protection, and sincerely hope to cooperate with your company for your company to provide the best quality service, and jointly contribute to the cause of environmental protection!
SHENZHEN XXX RENEWABLE SOURCES(INTL) LIMITED. recycling recycling, large-scale processing, thereby reducing the cost of environmental protection and maximize the interests of customers. According to customer needs, the company provides one-stop environmental treatment.
The company mainly engaged in: environmental protection, recycling all kinds of electronic components, hardware, plastic, mobile phone, computer, communication and digital products and related accessories, printed circuit board, paper, enterprise converting clearance, inventory backlog of material, customs confiscated products.
Main business scope:
1, electronic waste: a variety of electronic products and electronic components, such as integrated circuits and a variety of electronic products manufacturers waste, defective goods and inventory, etc..
2, waste plastics: silicone, acrylic, ABS, PC, PP, PVC etc..
3, scrap metal: wire and cable, copper, copper, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, iron etc..
4, precious metals: scrap nickel, titanium, platinum, rhodium, palladium, iridium, gold, silver, tungsten steel (wastewater) etc..
5, scrap computer motherboard, mobile phone motherboard, memory, power supply, a variety of scrap electronics.
6, Valet processing and destruction of inventory and not to sell products.
7, paper carton, brochures etc..
The company in good faith, fair and pragmatic management style, customer first service attitude, with the factory signed a long-term cooperation contract and signed a confidentiality agreement.
Welcome to call or letter to negotiate recycling business!